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Wide Range of Applications: Our industrial chillers find extensive applications across diverse industries, including machining, plastic injection molding, electronics manufacturing, laser cutting, pharmaceutical production, and more. With their exceptional performance and durability, our chillers are essential equipment for industrial cooling needs.

Laser chillers are specialized applications of industrial refrigeration systems designed specifically for the laser industry. These chillers play a crucial role in circulating water for cooling the laser generators, effectively controlling their operating temperatures and ensuring prolonged and uninterrupted laser performance. As lasers generate high temperatures during extended operation, maintaining optimal temperatures is essential to ensure their reliable functionality. Laser chillers provide precise water circulation cooling and temperature control, enabling lasers to operate at their full potential.

Efficient Cooling with Screw Compressor: At the heart of screw-type water chillers lies the screw compressor, responsible for compressing the refrigerant. This compression process converts the refrigerant into a high-temperature, high-pressure state, ensuring effective cooling performance.


drying machine

Our drying machine utilizes a high-performance hot air diffusion device that evenly disperses heat, ensuring uniform plastic drying temperature and improved drying efficiency. The design of the hot air duct prevents powder accumulation and potential combustion at the bottom of the electric heating tube. All internal components and the material bucket are made of stainless steel to prevent material contamination. The separation of the material bucket and the hopper facilitates easy cleaning and quick material changeover.

Europa Drying Machine

The Europa Drying Machine effectively removes moisture from plastic raw materials, eliminating bubble formation and ensuring ideal mechanical properties, electrical performance, dimensional stability, and a smooth and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the products. It helps prevent the production of defective goods and reduces return losses, significantly minimizing waste generation.

3 IN 1 dehumidifying dryer

In the plastic processing industry, ensuring proper drying of materials is crucial to achieve high-quality products. Insufficient drying can lead to various defects such as shrinkage, silver streaks, bubbles, cracking, flow marks, and poor transparency. Traditional hot air dryers often struggle to completely remove moisture from highly hygroscopic engineering plastics like PA, PET, PU, TPU, PC, PBT, CA. That’s where the Three-in-One Dehumidification Dryer, equipped with advanced moisture removal technology, comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution to address these challenges.


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