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Mixing machine


our latest mixing machine, featuring a unique design and a stainless steel barrel made from high-quality imported materials. The welded construction ensures exceptional strength and durability, while the smooth surface allows for easy cleaning.

One of the standout features is its powerful mixing capability, achieving uniform blending in a short amount of time. This not only saves energy but also enhances overall efficiency. Additionally, the compact footprint and the inclusion of caster wheels make it incredibly convenient to move around as needed.


Our compact stainless steel mixing machine (50-100KG) is the perfect solution for precise blending in smaller batch sizes. With its sturdy construction, easy cleaning, and user-friendly features, it provides efficient mixing performance tailored to your needs.

Featuring an imported stainless steel barrel, our mixing machine ensures durability and a polished surface that is easy to clean. The welded joints are strong and reliable, guaranteeing long-lasting operation.


The horizontal mixing machine offers exceptional performance, efficiency, and uniformity in material blending. Its innovative design, featuring dual rotating paddles and reduced gravitational impact, ensures rapid and thorough mixing. With its versatility and capability to handle diverse materials.

Material suction machine&plastic color mixing

Vacuum Material suction machine

The Vacuum Material Suction Machine offers easy operation, maintenance, and enhanced safety features to optimize material handling in industrial settings. With its advanced filtration system and optional material shortage alarm, it ensures efficient and uninterrupted production processes. Choose our Vacuum Material Suction Machine for reliable performance and peace of mind.

European Standalone Material Suction Machine

The European Standalone Material Suction Machine is a highly efficient and reliable industrial product designed for material suction and conveying applications. With its standalone structure and advanced features, this product is an ideal solution for various material handling needs in production environments.

plastic color mixing

The Plastic Color Mixing machine is equipped with a brushless DC motor, eliminating the need for maintenance. It features permanent data memory and storage functions, ensuring precise and intelligent calculations. The machine can simultaneously meet the requirements of external signal input. The screw is treated with chrome plating, ensuring durability. The modular assembly structure allows for easy disassembly, cleaning, and interchangeability.

mold temperature controller&oven

mold temperature controlle

The Mold Temperature Controller consists of a water tank, heating and cooling system, power transmission system, liquid level control system, temperature sensors, and injection ports. Typically, the pump in the power transmission system circulates the thermal fluid from the water tank, which contains built-in heaters and coolers, to the mold and back to the tank. The temperature sensors measure the temperature of the thermal fluid and transmit the data to the controller in the control section. The controller regulates the temperature of the thermal fluid, indirectly adjusting the temperature of the mold.

dual temperature thermostat

A water/oil mold thermostat is an essential device used in industrial processes, particularly in plastic injection molding and other molding applications. It offers precise and efficient temperature control for molds, ensuring optimal conditions for the molding process.

high-temperature oven

The High Temperature Oven Machine is a reliable and efficient solution for various drying applications. It utilizes advanced technology, including precise P.I.D. electronic temperature control, to ensure a uniform and effective drying process.

The machine’s P.I.D. electronic temperature control system allows for accurate temperature regulation, ensuring consistent and reliable drying results. This precise control eliminates the risk of overheating or under-drying, providing optimal conditions for drying various materials.


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