Drying Machine:

Product description

Our drying machine utilizes a high-performance hot air diffusion device that evenly disperses heat, ensuring uniform plastic drying temperature and improved drying efficiency. The design of the hot air duct prevents powder accumulation and potential combustion at the bottom of the electric heating tube. All internal components and the material bucket are made of stainless steel to prevent material contamination. The separation of the material bucket and the hopper facilitates easy cleaning and quick material changeover.

The proportional deviation indicator temperature controller allows precise temperature control, while the entire series is equipped with an exposed power switch for convenience. With the excitation demagnetization and over-temperature protection device, the machine operates safely and reliably. The ZHD-25~150 models are fitted with staggered connection for electric heating tubes, while other models feature temperature protectors to prevent dry burning of the electric heating tubes in case of fan failure, ensuring their protection. The machine also includes an over-temperature trip function, automatically cutting off the main power supply when the drying temperature exceeds the set deviation value. The adoption of an insulated fan extends the machine’s lifespan. The ZHD-100 and above models come with a standard 24-hour timer.



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