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Bottle Leak Detection

Ensure product quality and minimize waste with our advanced bottle leak detection systems. Trust us to keep your bottles and containers leak-free and your customers satisfied

Best Quality Leak Test Machine Manufacturers in China

We started as leak test machine manufacturers in early 2015 with just two engineers who were passionate about sophisticated monitoring solutions and acoustics. However, at a friend’s housewarming celebration, our founders first met and got to talking about the unrealized potential of sound. Therefore, a certain kind of solution—easily-to-use goods that could identify and locate all of the crucial information in sound and translate it into useful value—was both needed and lacking on the market.

We are proud to be the top leak test machine manufacturers. However, we have established ourselves as industry pioneers with a heritage of excellence spanning more than two decades. Thus, we constantly provide high-quality 10 25l Blow Molding Machine that meets the demanding requirements of many sectors. Our quality material suction machine has creativity and accuracy that gathers client satisfaction.

Innovation at the Best

Our selection of leak test machine manufacturers is designed with the most recent technical innovations to guarantee outstanding performance and unsurpassed quality. Therefore, we offer a solution that is suited to your particular needs. Whether you need leak detection for industrial components, automotive parts, medical devices, or any other application. Our equipment provides seamless integration of automation, accuracy, and speed.

Our team of engineers and technicians brings years of expertise in the area and a wealth of knowledge to every project. We, as specialized leak test machine manufacturers, can fulfill your particular demands because we are aware of the special obstacles that various sectors present. Thus, enabling you to spot even the smallest breaches and fix them, protecting the integrity of your processes and goods.


To find any leaks or flaws in a sealed component or product, leak testing is an essential quality control procedure.

Low pressure is often used as the leak test pressure limit.

Generally speaking, leak testing is done on pressurized systems using either the actual process fluid or a substitute fluid such as air, nitrogen, helium, or water.

Below are the various models of our leak testing machines

Please keep in mind that the product sizes and speeds listed for our leak detection systems are general guidelines only. The final speeds will depend on factors such as the required test time and the size of the container being tested. Additionally, our linear leak detectors’ speeds are also influenced by the container size. If you have any questions about your specific leak testing needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can ask a question directly or fill out a request for a quote form, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your needs.

Number of workstations: 1-12
Testing speed: 600-36,000 units/hour
Detection capacity:5mL to 20L
Adjustable lift height: from 610mm to 1300mm
Applicable industries: It is suitable for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, coatings, cleaning agents, and others, for testing the air-tightness, liquid tightness, vacuum level, and negative pressure of containers.

Number of workstations: 1-8
Testing speed: 600-12,000 units/hour
Detection capacity:100mL to 1L
Adjustable lift height: from 610mm to 1300mm
Applicable industries:Round bottle

Detection accuracy: 0.05mm (depending on the sample test)
Drive method: Electric-pneumatic
Dimensions: Length 1600Width 1600Height 1750mm (not including conveyor belt length)
Compressed air pressure: 8-10 bar
Detectable products: 50ML-5L
Detection method: On-line differential pressure detection

Weighing range: 30-200g
Choose the best accuracy/leak detection accuracy: ±0.3g/±0.05mm
Detection speed: Up to 4000-4500pcs/h or 40m/min (adjustable)
Detected object size: ≤150(length) ×≤150(width)×(height)mm
Conveying size of weighing section: Length 300×Width 120mm
Overall size: Length 1500×Width 740×Height 1600mm (for reference only)

Square bottle leak tester with sealant testing capability

Number of workstations: 1-6
Testing speed: 600-10,000 units/hour
Detection capacity:100mL to 1L
Adjustable lift height: from 610mm to 1300mm
Applicable industries:Round bottle


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