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Moving head Linear leak testers

Moving head leak tester, also known as the sliding type leak tester, is a high-speed and highly accurate testing equipment suitable for round bottles. Compared with the traditional linear type leak tester, it has the following advantages: Firstly, the servo power mechanism is added to the moving head leak tester to enable the machine to follow the bottle while leaking, which significantly improves the leak test speed of each station. The speed of the moving head leak tester is more than 2 times faster than the linear type leak tester at the same station. Secondly, the follow-up mechanism of the moving head leak tester adopts the screw slide rail module, which is more durable and stable, ensuring the long-term stability and accuracy of the machine. In summary, the moving head leak tester is a highly efficient, reliable and user-friendly testing equipment. It can significantly improve the leak test speed and accuracy.

Automatic two heads

Automatic four heads

Automatic Eight heads


Leak Detection Speed: Approximately 3200 bottles per hour for a single station. Suitable for Bottle Type: Round bottles Bottle Size: 100ml-1000ml Host Size: L2000W900H1800(mm) This moving head leak tester can perform dual to 8-head follow-up, with a speed of up to 12000/hour. It is designed for round bottles and is suitable for bottles ranging from 100ml to 1000ml. The host size measures L2000*W900*H1800(mm). The single station can achieve a leak detection speed of approximately 3200 bottles per hour.


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