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Product description

The Mold Temperature Controller consists of a water tank, heating and cooling system, power transmission system, liquid level control system, temperature sensors, and injection ports. Typically, the pump in the power transmission system circulates the thermal fluid from the water tank, which contains built-in heaters and coolers, to the mold and back to the tank. The temperature sensors measure the temperature of the thermal fluid and transmit the data to the controller in the control section. The controller regulates the temperature of the thermal fluid, indirectly adjusting the temperature of the mold.

During production, if the temperature of the mold exceeds the set value on the controller, the controller opens the solenoid valve to allow water to enter the system through the inlet pipe until the temperature of the thermal fluid, and consequently the temperature of the mold, returns to the set value. If the mold temperature is lower than the set value, the controller activates the heaters to increase the temperature.

The Mold Temperature Controller plays a critical role in maintaining precise and stable mold temperatures during plastic processing. By controlling the thermal fluid temperature, it ensures consistent and optimal conditions for mold cooling and heating. This contributes to improved product quality, reduced cycle times, and enhanced overall production efficiency.



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