Product description

The Plastic Color Mixing machine is equipped with a brushless DC motor, eliminating the need for maintenance. It features permanent data memory and storage functions, ensuring precise and intelligent calculations. The machine can simultaneously meet the requirements of external signal input. The screw is treated with chrome plating, ensuring durability. The modular assembly structure allows for easy disassembly, cleaning, and interchangeability.

The standard base of the single-color masterbatch machine is equipped with three magnetic doors, which can attract metal objects and prevent damage to the molding machine screw. The dual-color masterbatch machine comes with a mixer as standard, meeting the dual mixing requirements of customers and ensuring uniform mixing. The main material door is standard for the dual-color masterbatch machine and optional for the single-color masterbatch machine.

When paired with THD-100 or THD-160U dryers, the installation base requires the addition of a large flange (without three magnetic doors) for compatibility. Customers using THD-100300KG or THD-160U450U machines need to select a stand. If the machine is modified to comply with European safety circuit standards, “CE” is added to the machine model.

These features make the Plastic Color Mixing machine a reliable and efficient solution for color mixing in plastic processing. It ensures precise control, ease of use, and compatibility with different production setups. The machine’s durability, interchangeability, and safety measures contribute to its long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction.



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