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Boost Production Efficiency With A Stretch Blow Molding Machine

As an injection stretch blow molding machine manufacturer, we comprehend that expanding the presentation and life expectancy of your blow molding machine is vital for running a fruitful creation activity. In this article, we will give a few hints and proposals to working on the activity of your blow forming machine and at last improving the quality and consistency of your plastic containers. In this blog, we will explain why maintaining your blow molding machine is crucial.

Normal Support

Routine upkeep is basic to guaranteeing the legitimate capability and life span of your quality pet stretch blow molding machine. Consistently reviewing and cleaning the machine’s parts, including the shape and expulsion framework, can assist with forestalling breakdowns and creation margin time. Furthermore, supplanting worn or harmed parts depending on the situation is essential to staying away from additional critical issues not too far off.

For the most part, speaking, we will suggest our client keep up with the expulsion blow shape machine two times a month. And ordinary checking the portable joint, which is for checking if there are any screws relaxed during the machine running. Additionally, every three to four months, stop the machine and inspect each component.

Improve Material Choice

Various saps have different dissolving focuses and viscosities. Indeed, even the different temperatures, humidity, or gaseous tension will influence the last jug result. Choosing the right kind and nature of unrefined substances is significant to accomplishing top-notch and steady jug creation. We suggest utilizing materials that are explicitly intended for blow shaping, for example, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, and PETG. As these materials have been formed to give the ideal properties and processability for the blow-shaping interaction.

Change Settings

Changing the blowing mold machine’s settings. For example, the expulsion speed, temperature, and tension. It can fundamentally influence the quality and consistency of the result. Guarantee that you are routinely checking and changing these settings in light of the sort and nature of materials being utilized to upgrade the creation cycle.

Monitor the Cycle

However, the expulsion blow-shaping machine can give a highly programmed line. But industrial facilities likewise need to Ceaselessly screen the blow-forming interaction to distinguish. Any expected issues and make changes on a case-by-case basis. You could orchestrate a technician checking the machine every 2-3 hours. Consider introducing the observing framework on the machine before it is delivered.

Train Administrators

Putting resources into the preparation and advancement of your blow from the machine. Administrators can fundamentally work on the productivity and nature of your creation activity. Guarantee that your administrators are prepared for the protected and powerful utilization of the blow-shaping machine. That they have a careful comprehension of the creation cycle.


legitimate support, material choice, settings change, screen, and administrator preparation are basic parts to boosting the exhibition and life expectancy of your quality pet stretch blow molding machine. By following these suggestions. You can work on the quality and consistency of your plastic containers and keep away from creation-free time.


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