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We, as 10 25l blow molding machine manufacturers, produce one of the fastest and most energy-efficient models available in molding machines. By using Trade Assurance, we recently received numerous orders from different areas. More than USD 200,000 is covered by our trade assurance. Therefore, you can shop quality pet stretch blow molding machine without any hesitation. Thus, we recognize that the dependability of our equipment is essential to your success.

Our facility, which has a 26,650 square meter footprint, is situated in the city of Zhangjiagang. The driving distance from the SHANGHAI international airport is approximately about two hours. However, we provide cutting-edge equipment to a variety of industries around the world. Thus, thanks to our years of experience and dedication to innovation. We, as 10 25l blow molding machine manufacturers, are happy in supplying machines that go above and beyond your expectations.

Unmatched Assurance and Quality

We, as 10 25l blow molding machine manufacturers, satisfy the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and dependability, thanks to our precise engineering, and unshakable dedication. Our selection of blow molding machines is a beautiful example of how creativity and engineering skills can coexist. However, our equipment is able to produce outstanding outcomes and offers unmatched precision, energy efficiency, and production speed.

Our adaptable solutions are designed to match your unique production needs, providing easy integration into your manufacturing process whether you work in the packaging, automotive, or consumer products industries. As 10 25l blow molding machine manufacturers, we think quality is the foundation of our manufacturing process. Therefore, our blow molding machines go through meticulous inspections to ensure reliability, longevity, and minimum maintenance requirements.


Industries served by our 25L blow molding machines include packaging, automotive, consumer goods, industrial containers, and more.

Our 25L blow molding machines use cutting-edge technologies to reduce energy use while increasing output.

We take pleasure in offering our customers thorough technical support and after-sales care.

10-25L-Full-Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Our 10-25 liter extrusion blow molding machine incorporates a curved arm mode-locking structure, which offers significant advantages for molding operations. This design ensures the production of plastic containers with uniform wall thickness and a smooth surface finish. Moreover, it prevents any deformation of the containers during the manufacturing process.
To guarantee stable and quiet operation, our machine is equipped with a hydraulic transmission system. This system provides reliable performance while minimizing noise levels.
The multi-layer extrusion technology integrated into our machine allows for the creation of containers with multiple layers. This feature is particularly valuable in the food packaging industry as it enhances insulation and safeguards the contents, preserving their freshness and quality.
For user convenience, our machine features a user-friendly interface that enables operators to effortlessly monitor and control the production process. Adjusting settings such as temperature, pressure, and speed is made simple through this intuitive interface, optimizing the overall production process.
When it comes to material compatibility, our extrusion blow molding machine supports a wide range of materials including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PE, and PVC. This versatility makes it suitable for numerous industries, such as industrial and chemical manufacturing, daily household products, and food packaging.
Additionally, for engine oil bottles, our machine offers the option to incorporate single or dual liquid level lines, enhancing functionality and meeting specific requirements.
By combining advanced features, precision, and adaptability, our extrusion blow molding machine is a reliable and efficient solution for various plastic container manufacturing needs.

Curved arm mode-locking structure:

The structure of the cam lock mechanism offers significant advantages for various molds. It provides easy adjustment of the mold’s open-close stroke and employs the finite element method to analyze stress. To ensure smooth and precise mold movement, a high-quality guide strip from a renowned brand is utilized, controlled by a proportional hydraulic pressure system. The focus is on optimizing the lubrication system to enhance the speed and stability of the mold’s motion, thereby maximizing the machine’s output capacity. With a sturdy construction and a centrally positioned oil tank for mold closure, the force distribution becomes more even, resulting in flawless product finishes. Additionally, this design prolongs the lifespan of the mold. Furthermore, the ample space between the machine and the mold allows for hassle-free installation of a material crusher recycling system.


10-25L-Full-Automatic Blow Molding Machine

  • Single/Double Station
  • Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple
  • Multi layers: Co-Extrusion 1-6 layers
  • Production volume:1L~25L
  • Multi cavities: 1~6cavities
  • Specialize for the HDPE/LDPE/PE/PP/PVC/Nylon

Extendable option

  • Thickness Controller: used to control the uniform thickness of bottle bodies
  • Scrap Cutting Device: can be equipped with an automatic scrap removal and rotary bottle mouth cutting machine
  • Robotic Arm: used for automatic product grabbing to achieve automated production
  • Scrap Crushing Automatic Recycling System
  • Conveyor Belt Device
  • In-Mold Labeling Machine



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