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Accumulator Blow Molding Machine

The accumulator blow molding machine is a highly efficient tool for plastic manufacturing, widely used in industries such as automotive, packaging, and construction. With the ability to produce large and complex shapes, this machine uses the accumulator head method to create high-quality plastic products. Its uniform wall thickness and versatility in processing materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC make it a top choice for plastic manufacturers. Factors to consider when selecting an accumulator blow molding machine include size, output capacity, and automation level. Choosing the right machine ensures maximum productivity and efficiency for your production line.

Accumulator Blow Molding Machine

equipped with a PLC and human-machine interface, featuring a touch-screen operation that is easy and convenient to use. The advanced FIFO accumulator die head with a double-helix flow channel merges the raw materials in both directions, increasing strength and ensuring product dimensional accuracy and quality by eliminating the melt flow lines. The system is equipped with a multi-point wall thickness control system to meet the wall thickness requirements of irregular products. Special products can be customized with different functions, such as bottom blow, lift-out, material support, internal and external thread rotation, mold opening and closing, automatic sealing, and automatic take-out (mechanical arm), etc.



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