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Best Quality PETG Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers

We, as PETG blow molding machine manufacturers, are situated in Huangyan’s west industrial district, also known as the Mold Kingdom of China. However, we specialize in manufacturing all types and specifications of extrusion blow molding machines, PET blow molding machines, PP semi-automatic blow molding machines, PC blowing machines, bottle molds, preform molds, cap molds, and so on.

Our goal is to provide the best products and services possible. Therefore, our products have met or exceeded all applicable international industry standards. Thus, thanks to our integrated equipment and cutting-edge inspection system. We, as PETG blow molding machine manufacturers, take great pride in leading innovation and technology in the manufacture of blow molding equipment.

Quality to Trust

For companies looking for quality multilayer blow molding machine, we as PETG blow molding machine manufacturers, stand as a top option. Thus, thanks to our unwavering dedication to quality, accuracy, and client satisfaction. However, our knowledge of PETG blow molding machines is the result of years of devoted study, top-notch engineering, and market knowledge. Simply by maintaining an unbroken focus on accuracy and efficiency.

Also, we as PETG blow molding machine manufacturers, are aware of the distinctive requirements of many industries. Our state-of-the-art equipment is built to meet a range of production requirements. Additionally, our selection of PETG blow molding machines delivers the adaptability and dependability that your business needs. From modest industrial setups to large-scale operations. We guarantee that each machine offers consistent, high-quality outputs and is user- and maintenance-friendly.


PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) blow molding is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow plastic objects.

The best PETG blow molding machine to use will rely on a variety of elements. Including production volume, product size, and customization needs.

We provide thorough post-purchase assistance, which includes installation, instruction, maintenance advice, and troubleshooting.

PETG special machine

  • Single/Double Station
  • Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple
  • Production volume:50ml~5L
  • Multi cavities: 1~6cavities
  • Specialize for the PETG

Extendable option

  • Thickness Controller: used to control the uniform thickness of bottle bodies
  • Scrap Cutting Device: can be equipped with an automatic scrap removal and rotary bottle mouth cutting machine
  • Robotic Arm: used for automatic product grabbing to achieve automated production
  • Scrap Crushing Automatic Recycling System
  • Conveyor Belt Device
  • In-Mold Labeling Machine



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