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Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Efficiency of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine In Drum Making

Our Digital Enterprise solution bundle helps get top product quality if you work with rubber or tires. It also provides a high availability and freedom when handling it all properly. By using our software, robotics, and drive technology standards, you can reduce the time it takes to develop things. This will help your products reach markets quicker.

How to Use the Extrusion Molding Machine Correctly:

It is designed to produce many plastic containers or even a drum, especially ones that carry 5 to 10 liters. This is the job of a 5-10L blow molding machine and plastic drum blow molding machine manufacturer . This machine makes it simple for factories to create smooth, long-lasting, and perfectly shaped containers using the extrusion blow mold process.


  • Making Plastic Drums: Making plastic drums is the primary job of the 5-10L extrusion blow molding machine . Plastic drums are essential in many areas, including farming, food making, and chemicals. Here are some crucial facts about how it is used in the production of plastic drums:
  • Chemical Industry: The 5-10L machine for making plastic drums is essential. It helps ensure that these containers’ quality is top-notch and safe to hold and move chemicals around with them. The easy-to-use design stops containers from leaking. This keeps things safe and prevents them from getting ruined or damaged inside the container.
  • Food Processing: This machine creates plastic drums for the food industry. These drums are used to hold and move liquids or powders in this business safely. Because plastic is clean, these drums can keep food fresh and of good quality.
  • Agriculture: A 5-10L blow molding machine helps make strong plastic drums for farm use in harsh conditions. These drums are used for everything from fertilizers to pesticides. These drums ensure that farming inputs are delivered quickly and safely.

The Fast And Affordable Method To Create Tools That Function:

Plastic Containers
Plastic Containers

The foundation for all plastic machine solutions comprises tested, easy-to-combine blocks from the plastics library. It also includes uniform basic hardware with a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller, SINAMICS drives, and motors from Simotics.

Specific Solutions For Tools That Use Injection Molding:

We have the right automatic tools for your needs, whether you use pressure water, mix parts, or electrical injection molding machine s. Our application solution for SIMATIC works with the main parts of your electric injection molding machine.

A Quick Glance At The Pros

  • There is a lot of freedom due to scalable goods and systems that use standard parts.
  • Using the whole machine is simple and easy.
  • The function of parts that have been made bigger and improved to meet needs.

Tools For Blow Molding That Works More Efficiently:

Do you need electricity or hydraulics to run your blow molding machine ? We offer the best automation choice for PET processing in one step, two steps, and more. Do you want an easy, low-cost method to start your blow molding ideas? Our SIMATIC S7-based BMM 1500 blow molding pack is the best start because it includes tested hardware, ready-to-use software, and an intelligent visualization idea with pre-made pictures.

A Quick Glance At The Pros:

  • Simple growth and change can happen because technology parts that go well together are used.
  • The standard SIMATIC S7 parts and the open STEP 7 system give reliable, public choices.
  • A large touch screen with a simple interface for use.
  • A simple method to save recipes on a small device.

Tools That Make Extrusions Are Put Together To Work As One.

Our robust control and visualization systems make it easy to change our extrusion solutions to meet the needs of each production run. With software that controls and runs all the parts of the plant around the extruder, you can use just one controller to run downstream equipment, sensors for checking the product, melt pumps, and dosing devices. Our EXT 1500 application solution makes it easy and quick to automate your printer.

A Quick Glance At The Pros:

  • Modern WinCC Comfort visualization software makes it easy to use with its clear user interfaces and large TFT touch screen.
  • Cost savings are possible with a complete solution for extrusion machines that includes a software package that is already installed and flexible hardware.
  • Based on worldwide industrial standards, flexibility and the ability to grow Fully Integrated Automation and SIMATIC S7
  • Integrated economic features in the temperature control system have made it more cost-effective.

The 5-10L extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer is crucial to plastic drum production in the fast-paced plastic manufacturing industry. Many organizations need sturdy and durable plastic containers. They use them since they are versatile, easy to make, and energy-efficient. As technology improves, these tools will likely become more significant in shaping plastic product manufacturing.

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