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How New Technology Is Being Used by Molders to Improve Quality

Envision increasing output while cutting expenses and creating goods of superior quality. The Low Constant Pressure Molding Platform, which was created by pet stretch blow molding machine manufacturers to improve product quality through improved injection molding controls, enables plastic injection molders to achieve all three of these goals when they integrate it into their production lines. 

Its unique software enhances the normally fixed injection molding method with advanced technology, enabling better fills, continuous, simultaneous packing, and improved product quality. By guaranteeing accurate and dependable fills every time, the method also cuts down on wasted time.

A Small Add-On Makes a Big Impact 

The platform is quite easy to use. It is supportive through the patented software and user-friendly interface which enable accurate control from its single nozzle pressure sensor. To guarantee process quality and dependability molders, precision programming skills generate a continuous data stream while simultaneously controlling the material shot’s pressure and velocity. 

The platform optimizes the investment values of current assets since it can be used with almost any type of injection molding machine, including electric, hydraulic, and hybrid models. Furthermore, the industry’s most cutting-edge injection molding controls are provided by its technology.

Pressure Reduction Improves Product Quality 

By converting high-pressure injection molding systems to low-pressure systems, the software enhances the overall quality of the product. Regardless of size or shape, molten resins can push into and through mold cavities using blunt force in the majority of high-pressure injection molding systems. Issue 1 arises from the fact that injection speed remains constant despite variations in cavity shape:

  • The constant pressure on the narrower end of a cavity increases if it gets smaller from one end to the other. 
  • This might force the material through the seams of the mold, creating flashes or splitting the mold completely. 
  • A larger cavity may experience a decrease in pressure during filling, leaving gaps or holes in the completed fill. 
  • The difficulty of high-pressure flow in molds with several cavities is especially challenging: 
  • The fill may suffer from poor packing density. 
  • While bigger cavities may contain voids, smaller cavities may generate flashes. 
  • The product may have different cooling temperatures throughout, which might lead to sink marks and lower the product’s overall quality.

Variability in Velocity Improves Product Quality 

In addition, the technology allows for different material flow velocities and automatically modifies speed to maintain a constant pressure independent of the resin’s consistency or the form of the mold. Utilizing an integrated sensor, the flow rate and flow front progression can compute to suit the precise geometry of the mold. The end product is of the highest caliber, flawlessly aligned, flash- and void-free shot that satisfies all requirements.

Better Lifespan

The expected molders lifespan of quality pet stretch blow molding machine varies depending on the materials present in their construction. Also, how often to use them and the operating environment. Given that more expensive equipment is often built with more robust materials, longer lifespans are projected. Within their normal lifespan, they too are better to accomplish a predetermined number of manufacturing runs.


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