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injection stretch blow molding machine (3-station)

PET injection stretch blow molding machine, also known as one-step blow molding machine or ISBM, is a popular method for producing PET bottles and containers. With its unique process, the machine can produce high-quality bottles with precise neck finishes and consistent dimensions.
The ISBM process involves three main stages: injection, stretch blow molding, and ejection. In the first stage, PET pellets are injected into the mold to form a preform. In the second stage, the preform is stretched and blown into the desired shape using a stretch blow molding process. Finally, in the ejection stage, the finished product is removed from the mold.
The ISBM process has many advantages over other blow molding methods. It is more efficient, with shorter production cycles and lower energy consumption. It also results in a higher quality product with better dimensional accuracy and consistency.
At our company, we offer a range of PET injection stretch blow molding machines, including the 3-station series. Our machines are designed to provide reliable and efficient production of PET bottles and containers, while also being user-friendly and easy to maintain.


The 3-station PET injection stretch blow molding machine, or ISBM, is compact, energy-efficient, clean, stable, and fully automated. It produces high-quality products and is easy to operate, making it widely used. It eliminates the need for preforms and injection molding machines, saving costs and space. The energy-saving system can reduce electricity consumption by 30%. Its one-piece molding process ensures a perfect match between the bottle thread size and body mold line, resulting in strong bottles. It also comes with a self-error detection and alarm system, and can handle various materials and bottle shapes.


Working principle

1.first station:
Plastic particles are injected into the injection mold cavity through the injection system to form the preform, with the bottle neck thread achieving precise and stable size.
2.second station:
The turntable rotates 120 degrees, bringing the preform to the stretch & blow station, where it is stretch-blow-molded into a container.
3.third station:
The turntable rotates again, and the completed containers are ejected in this station, completing one production cycle of finished products.

Machine Parameter

Bar Diameter (mm)8060
Screw L/D Ratio2424
Theoretical Injection Capacity (cm3)481481
Injection Molding Clamping Force (KN)550780
Blow Molding Clamping Force (KN)215295
Cooling Water (L/min)808
Cooling Water Tower (L/min)200200
Drive Rating – Rated (KW)37KW-380V37KW-380V
Heater Power – Rated (KW)12.5KW-220V12.5KW-220V
Oil Tank Capacity (L)580610
Machine Dimensions (LWH) (mm)4600 x 2000 x 30004800 x 2000 x 3000
Machine Weight (kg)10.511.5
Blow Air Maximum Pressure (MPa)3.53.5
Operating Air Pressure (MPa)4.01.0


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