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Bottle cap molds for Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging plays an essential role in protecting products during transportation, storage, and handling. The packaging industry requires high-quality and reliable bottle cap molds that can produce a range of caps suitable for various industrial packaging applications.

The commonly used industrial packaging bottle caps include those for chemicals, lubricants, and household cleaning products. These bottle caps are designed to ensure the contents are secure, safe, and easy to dispense.

The production of bottle cap molds requires expertise and experience. High-quality materials such as 718H, S136, and H13 are used for the molds’ main components, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting. Specialized heat treatment is also performed to achieve a hardness level of over HRC45.

Innovative mold designs are utilized to ensure perfect quality bottle caps. The molds are manufactured using high-speed CNC machines, and each part is standardized to ensure precision and interchangeability.

The use of advanced cooling systems with rapid cooling materials ensures optimized cycle times, which results in increased productivity. Molds can have multiple cavities ranging from one to twelve, allowing for efficient production of large quantities of bottle caps.

Mold description

  1. Mold Materials We use high-quality materials such as 203, P20H, and 71H for the main components of the molds, including the mold plate and related parts. In addition, we also use high-quality cushion materials such as 2083, 234, 231, 23162738, and S136. Professional heat treatment is applied to the main parts of the bottle cap molds to ensure that the material hardness exceeds HRC45.

  2. Mold Design We draw inspiration from Western bottle cap mold designs and combine them with our rich experience to create innovative molds that produce perfect bottle caps.

  3. Mold Part Processing We use high-speed CNC machining centers to process the molds with standardized operations, ensuring the precision and interchangeability of every mold part.

  4. Fast Cycle Time By applying a perfect cooling waterway and using fast-cooling materials, we optimize the cycle time of the bottle cap molds and achieve stable, fast production, resulting in improved production efficiency.

  5. Number of Cavity Selection We offer a range of cavity options to choose from, including 1 cavity, 1×2 cavities, 2×2 cavities, 2×3 cavities, 2×4 cavities, 2×6 cavities, 3x cavities, 3×8 cavities, 4x cavities, 4×6 cavities, 4×8 cavities, 6×6 cavities, 6×8 cavities, and 6×12 cavities.

  6. Hot Runner System Our bottle cap molds feature a self-developed, high-quality hot runner system that can withstand ultra-high injection pressures without leakage. After optimizing the mold gate, the molds can produce perfect molded products. All parts of the hot runner system are made of high-precision, high-toughness, and wear-resistant materials.

  7. Mold Delivery Time We offer fast delivery times, with a typical delivery time of no more than 60 working days for bottle cap molds.

By using high-quality materials, innovative design, and standardized operations, we can produce bottle cap molds that meet our customers’ requirements for household packaging.


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