Two-Color M28 Flip Top Cap Mould With In Mould Closing(IMC), Hot Runner

This high-quality two-color M28 flip top cap mould is designed with advanced features such as in-mould closing (IMC), hot runner, and unscrewing capabilities. These features enable the production of two-color flip top caps with high precision, accuracy, and efficiency.
The IMC system is used to close the two halves of the mould together during the injection molding process. This ensures that the two colors are precisely aligned, resulting in a consistent and high-quality final product. The hot runner system helps to reduce material waste and improve production efficiency by allowing for precise control of the melt flow. And the unscrewing feature allows for the easy removal of the cap from the mould.
The M28 flip top cap mould is made from high-quality steel, including imported options such as S136 and H13. The mould components are heat-treated to ensure durability and long life. The mould also features a high-precision cooling system to maintain consistent temperature during production and minimize cycle time.
The production cycle of this mould is typically 60-70 days, which is relatively short compared to other two-color moulds. This is due to our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced production management systems. Additionally, we provide wooden case packaging to ensure the safe transport of the mould to our customers.



1.Cavity: 8 cavities
2.Mold Material: We use a wide range of mold steel, including local and imported options such as P20, 50C, 420H (2083), S136, 2083, 2344, DC53, SKD61, and more. All components are with DME or HASCO standard, and we heat-treat them to HRD 48~52 HRC. We also nitride all sliders and inserts and use Beryllium Copper in corners to improve cooling.
Runner: We can make both cold runner molds and hot runner molds (using YUDO, Moldmaster, Husky, and DME systems).
3.Delivery time: Our standard delivery time is 60 days.
4.Mould life: Our molds have a life of over 3 million shots.
5.Injection cycle time: The injection cycle time is typically 15-18 seconds.
6.Package: We can package the molds in wooden cases or according to customer requirements.
7.Mould base: Our mould base is made of LKM frame and HASCO standard frame.
8.Mold drawing: We provide 2D mold drawing, 2D/3D cap drawing, and details layout.
9.Expertise: Our engineers and technicians are highly experienced and professional in mold making skills.
10.Plastic material: We have wide usage of plastic material and have developed ways to control the mold to produce 11.better parts for materials that may cause worse deformation, bad filling, or worse part surface.
12.Certification: We ensure mold life to customers and provide steel and material conformity certificates.
13.Lead time: Our advanced equipment and high-effective management enable us to give customers a stable lead time.


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