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In 1993, we started pet injection stretch blow molding machine suppliers. however, it was constructed in 2008 in tainan, taiwan’s southern region, as a result of a quick increase in business. plastic extrusion machinery is a specialty among others. pipes, profiles, soft pipes, doors, compounding, wpc, and tooling are a few examples. therefore, based on market needs and the varied properties of resin material, we offer our customers professional plastic extrusion lines.

Our automatic bagging empty bottle packing machine has amassed a total of 2100 sets of performance and a global sale of 100 countries. our cutting-edge equipment is intended to completely transform the pet packaging sector. therefore, we provide a variety of high-performance pet injection stretch blow molding machine. thus, it combines precision, efficiency, and sustainability thanks to our years of experience and invention.

Best Quality to Offer

Discover the new breed of pet injection stretch blow molding machine that raises the bar for the sector. However, our equipment is incredibly versatile, accommodating a wide range of container sizes and shapes, including bottles, jars, and other odd-shaped containers. Also, our machines’ cutting-edge features guarantee constant productivity, little downtime, and lower energy usage.

Our pet injection stretch blow molding machine can satisfy your specific production requirements, whether you’re a small- or large-scale manufacturer. Stretch blow molding and injection molding work together to shorten cycle times and increase production. Thus, these tools make it possible to precisely create complex and unique container designs. Our equipment’s cutting-edge technologies optimize energy use, helping with environmental efforts.


A sophisticated piece of manufacturing machinery called a pet injection stretch blow machine is used to make hollow plastic bottles and jars.

They can hold containers of many shapes and sizes, from little bottles to big jars.

The machines we use for pet injection stretch blow molding are with cutting-edge automation and quality control capabilities.

3-station series

PET one-step blow molding machine

The PET one-step blow molding machine is a compact device that integrates the entire process from plastic granules to finished products, eliminating the need to purchase preforms or injection molding machines. This significantly reduces equipment investment costs and saves factory space and labor costs.


4-station series

PET one-step blow molding machine

The four-station series machines are different from the three-station machines, with a separate adjustable temperature station, which is more suitable for difficult bottles and temperature-sensitive raw materials


Supporting service

Mold development & bottle design

Our engineers have more than 10 years of experience in mold development. Can provide customers with high quality mold manufacturing and service. I am good at PET injection molding and proficient in the latest one-step molding technology. Provide top tooling that meets customer needs and exceeds expectations.



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