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One-Step Blow Moulding Machine (4-station)

The 4-station PET injection stretch blow molding machine, also known as ISBM, is an efficient and cost-effective solution for producing high-quality PET bottles. With its compact design and fully automated operation, the machine can complete the entire production process from plastic pellets to finished products in one step. It eliminates the need for purchasing preforms or injection molding machines, saving on equipment investment and factory space requirements.
The machine’s energy-saving system can reduce electricity consumption by approximately 30%. Its one-piece molding technology ensures a perfect match between the bottle thread size and the mold line of the body, resulting in strong bottles. The machine is equipped with a self-error detection and alarm system, which is displayed on the control screen. Its production capacity ranges from 5ml to 2500ml, and it can process various materials such as PET, PET-G, TRITAN/PCTG, PP, and PC, meeting the needs of different bottle shapes.


The 4-station PET injection stretch blow molding machine is similar to the 3-station machine, but it has an additional temperature control station. Four stations are responsible for injection molding, drawing, blowing and temperature control. The temperature control station ensures that the material is heated to the correct temperature before entering the mold, which helps to produce high-quality bottles. Compared with 3-station machines, 4-station machines have more precise temperature control and can meet higher demand for products


Working principle

1.first station:
Plastic particles are injected into the injection mold cavity through the injection system, forming the preform. The size of the bottle neck is accurately and stably controlled.
2.The second station:
turntable rotates 90 degrees, and the preform is sent to the temperature adjustment/pre-blowing station. The temperature and shape of the preform are adjusted according to the design of the bottle.
3.third station:
The turntable rotates 90 degrees again, bringing the preform to the stretch and blow station, where it is stretched and blow-molded into a container.
4.fourth station:
The turntable rotates again, and the completed container is ejected at this station, completing one production cycle.

Machine Parameter

Modelunit160 -V4200 -V4250 -V4
Screw diametermm456060
Theoretical injection capacitycm³342481481
Injection clamping forceKN280480680
Blow clamping forceKN110220280
chilled waterL/min808080
cooling tower waterL/min200200200
Driving power-ratedKW22KW-380V37KW-380V37KW-380V
Heater power-ratedKW8.9KW-220V12.5KW – 220V12.5KW -220V
Oil tank capacityL450600630
Machine dimensionsL*W*H(mm)4400*1300*29005000*2000*30005000*2000*3000
Machine massT510.511.5
Max. Blow air pressureMPa3.53.53.5
Operation air pressureMPa1.01.01.0


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