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Semi-automatic PET stretch blow molding machine

Semi-automatic PET stretch blow molding machines are widely used in the manufacturing of high-quality PET bottles for various industries. These machines are known for their efficiency, durability, and user-friendly features.

The heating system of these machines uses a special electric control circuit to regulate the temperature of the lamps, ensuring high efficiency and low power consumption. The feedback theory and heat transfer analysis are applied to set the thickness of the bottle and maintain a constant temperature in the heating chamber. The bottle preforms are heated evenly, regardless of the external environment.

The pneumatic system is divided into two parts for different pressure requirements during bottle blowing and machine actions, ensuring stable and high-pressure airflow to produce large-capacity or uniquely shaped bottles. The machines are equipped with a muffler and a connecting rod and curved arm oiling device for a quiet and smooth operation.

Semi-automatic PET stretch blow molding machines offer two modes of operation: manual and semi-automatic. These machines are compact, require minimal investment, and can be operated by a single person, making them simple and safe to use.

In addition, these machines feature a cold air circulation cooling system that ensures the consistency of the heating process on both the inner and outer walls of the bottle preforms.


Number of cavities: 1-4 cavities
Max bottle capacity: 20L
Applicable bottle types: round, flat, square, oval, etc.
Applicable materials: PET, PP
Application: Widely used in food, beverage, daily chemical
Production speed: 120-1500 bottles/hour (depending on bottle type and number of cavities)
Product types: with handle and without handle


Working principle

Preform Loading: Preforms are manually loaded into the preform holder of the machine.
Heating: The preform is then transferred to the heating system, which uses a special electric circuit design to heat the preform with infrared lamps.
Stretching and Blowing: Once the preform has been heated to the appropriate temperature, it is transferred to the mold where it is stretched and blown into the desired shape.
Cooling: After the bottle is formed, it is cooled by a cooling system to maintain its shape.
Ejection: The finished bottle is ejected from the mold and is ready for further processing or packaging.
The process is semi-automatic because the loading and unloading of the preforms are done manually, while the stretching, blowing, and cooling of the bottle are done by the machine. This type of machine is ideal for small-scale production, as it is less expensive and easier to operate than fully automatic machines.

Machine Parameter


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