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The Blow Molding Machine Daily Maintenance and Durability

Products made of plastic are widely available on the market. Good manufacturing by 5 10l extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer and plastic blow molding machine equipment are prerequisites for good goods. Not only is the production method excellent but the operators’ caliber ought to be quite high as well.

We should be aware of specific uses and protections in manufacturing. Businesses are not well in training in mechanical repair in real manufacturing. These are some recommendations for blow molding machine repairs, including HDPE, PP, and other types of blow molding machines.

Make sure there is enough lubrication in the blow molding machine before you begin using it. Verify that every component of the machine is reliable before going into production. If any loose pieces are out there, reinforce them right once to avoid negative outcomes. Verify the water, air pressure, and power supply before turning on the machine. Verify the necessary precautions, such as if the grille and emergency stop are in working order, before turning on the blow molding machine.

How to Safely Run a Blow Molding Machine

It is essential to lubricate all moving components once before turning on the blow molding machinery. Every three to four days, the manipulator, swing arm, mold opening, and closing guide rail, and heater’s big and small chains may all need oiling. However, every month, the heater’s chains can be greased.

Every three months, oil can be supplied to the main engine bearing, and it is imperative to often check if the blow molding machine’s heater reducer and main engine reducer are running low on oil.

According to the manufacturer of the blow molding machine, we also need to make sure that the machine’s light tube is in good condition and doesn’t need to a replacement too soon. Verify that every pneumatic component leaks and functions flexibly. Verify whether the triangle is abnormal, if air is leaking, and if it as an obstruction.

The machine should be cleaned well before use, and at the start and finish of the operation, the mold should be cleaned and protected. Before using the blow molding machine, you should warm it for 30 minutes. It will be formally placed into production after a certain amount of time if there are no issues.

What Elements Impact the Blow Molding Machine Service Life

The blow molding machine’s current application range is fairly broad. The blow molding machine’s product sales are continuously increasing due to its superior product quality, application effect, and reasonably long service life at an affordable price for an automatic blowing machine.

Temperature and humidity during operation will not have an impact on the blow molding machine’s service life. What then will be the determining variables for the blow molding machine’s service life?

However, the blow molding machine’s application technique is the primary consideration. A blow molding machine, like the Jwell blow molding machine, will undoubtedly fail and sustain damage if you use it excessively and for an extended period.

Using a specialist plastic pallet machine helps maximize productivity and assure lifespan when producing certain commodities, like plastic pallets. The service life of the machinery may also increase by choosing the right PETG blow molding machine manufacturers for high-density polyethylene goods.


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